Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bog created !

Thanks for your visit.

I just created this blog and will add in more and more health, illnesses, medicines and natural supplements solutions articles.

Please come back again.

Calvin Chin


aleeya said...

Hello Calvin Chin..

First of all, I want to say thanks for your comment and advise at my blog

about free online money.


I can say that Im lack of knowledge bout online job since im a mechanical

engineering student right now and only make research during my free time. Basically, I learn all by myself by surfing internet.

anyway, Im looking forward for your blog in this health section. I really

hope that you can include a topic on Acne under this blog.
Last six month, i have made some research from internet bout acne and have

found several great website, that i think i can share with others and might help.

For some people, acne is a small problem, but for other sufferers, it is a

serious problem! They feel uncomfortable and lost their selfconfident to face others because of acne.

here's the link (Dan's Regimen):


Theres also forum at lowyat.net that discuss about Dan's Regimen and make it suitable for Malaysian who suffers from acne.

The regimen works wonderfully, that im not suffering from acne anymore,
yet, very lowcost but works well!! It really had change mylife!
Thanx to them!

I hope this info is useful for your blog!

Best Regards,
Alia Ruzanna

Calvin Chin said...

Hi Alia,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful acne information.

I will check it out and one day will write a full article on it.

You have been doing Great in this online world... even better than many experience marketers out there. Just continue focus on your areas, you will reap the rewards then.

Looking forward to seeing you again , in here or bloglog !